I Am The Very Model of a Mouthy Modern Marketer

Read + Prosper

I'm the guy who enjoyed reading the textbook. I never got along with all of those "curiosity killed the cat" people.

Nouns + Verbs

All words matter, especially the ones we chose not to say. Ensure your vowels and consonants don't bite you in the you-know-what.

Vision + Voice

My work sometimes speaks to my intrinsic aesthetic and isn't afraid to be colored by my personality. Odd ideas: engage!

Brass + Tacks

If you're actually going to commit time to creating something, it should be well-made and beautiful. Otherwise, what's the point?

Creative Portfolio

Work designed for the web

Email + Web

Welcome to the land of CSS, clickthrough rates, meta tags, responsive design, SEO, tracking scripts, and dealing with Outlook.

Work designed for print

Designed for print

Some of my 300ppi, CMYK designs. Mostly rectangular and printed on former trees. Orientation varies.

Video projects I've published

Video projects

I weaseled out of writing an essay in ninth grade English class by turning in a video. Who knew it'd turn into this?